How does delivery work?

We handle all shipping costs! We will provide email updates along the way. 

How long is setup?

Our product is ready to go out of the box! It will take you longer to fill the water up. 

Can it be used outside?

Yes! Any environment will work with our cold plunge tub.

Does the product have a chiller?

No- Fun fact cold bath benefits happen at just 65-degree temps. Your home/apartment's average cold water temperature is 50-60 degrees. Using your home's cold water is sufficient for all your cold plunge benefits without breaking the bank.

Click this study to learn more about temperature for cold plunging

how do I drain 

The tub has 4 drainage valves on it or you can purchase our drainage pump with your tub.

What's your warranty?

No questions asked warranty for the first year. Any issue at all we will fully replace. We will even cover shipping on returns. We put our customers first!

Can the tub be used with hot water?

Of course! However, we are all about that cold water life here. Builds character and makes you strong💪