Discover the benefits of taking the plunge into the cold

Cold plunge pools have been around for thousands of years, but it is only in modern times that the health benefits have been recognized worldwide. Because of its quick and drastic effect on a person’s feeling of wellbeing, the cold plunge pool is one of  the fastest growing wellness trends among home owners, sports facilities and health clubs. Cold plunge pools are the ultimate recovery and revitalization environment for athletes too because they reduce muscle inflammation and pain after exercise with speed recovery time.

Cold Plunge Pools is also known as cold-water immersion, or cryotherapy baths. Cryotherapy is the use of cold temperature in the treatment of a number of ailments. A long period of time is not needed to receive the benefits of the cold water. Even 30 seconds can get the nerve receptors firing.

How Cold Plunge Pool benefits you

  • When you take the plunge into your cold plunge pool, the chilled water instantly numbs the nerves that surround your joints and muscles, causing the release of hormones and endorphins. The release of hormones and endorphins acts as an analgesic, which relieves inflammation and alleviates muscle strain and joint pain.
  • Studies have also shown that cold plunges lead to an increase in glutathione levels. Glutathione is your body’s most powerful antioxidant, which keeps all other antioxidants performing at peak levels.
  • It strengthens the immune system. The cold water causes the body to release body chemicals known as cytokines, which help to boost the body’s ability to fight off harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • When practiced for at least four weeks, cold-water therapy stabilizes blood pressure. Cold water triggers the autonomic nervous system, which controls involuntary functions, such as heartbeat and breathing. The autonomic responses strengthen with each exposure. This stabilizes blood pressure, improves circulation and balances other bodily functions, such as the sleep and wake cycle.
  • Improves moods. Cold water activates sensory nerves that lead to the brain. Cold water can be emotionally uplifting and prime a person for new experiences. One of the most supportive benefits of contrast therapy is the hormone response that is stimulated by the cold. Namely, the sympathetic nervous system releases hormones promoting the fight or flight response, which makes you feel alert and invigorated. In a study of whole body cold therapy on psychological factors, the cold therapy significantly improved mood and feelings of quality of life
  • Breast cancer patients who underwent cold water therapy for four weeks experienced significant gains in their levels of disease fighting white blood cells.

How to Use the Cold Plunge Pool?

The average temperature of a cold plunge pool should be between 10-12 degrees Celsius. The best approach is to rinse off with a warm shower and then do a quick cold rinse. Get into the tub and make as few movements as possible.  Slowing down your breathing or holding your breath during the initial few seconds of your contact with the cold water helps ease you into it. Start with short and shallow immersions and slowly work up to a longer and deeper immersion. One way to start slow is to immerse just your legs first for about a minute and then work up to several minutes with your stomach or shoulders fully immersed.

Cold Plunge Pools with The Wellness Dubai

The Wellness Technical Services has designed and supplied cold plunge pools for various high-end spa projects throughout the region. We are trusted among industry leaders for our  expertise, and innovative design and engineering solutions. Contact one of our team members to find out how we help build and realize the perfect cold plunge pools for your spa project.

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